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If I were Phil Jackson…

If I were Phil Jackson and didn’t want to end my coaching career with a sweep, I would consider ideas …

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Are the Lakers still hungry?

Talk about blasé ball! With the Mavericks on the ropes, instead of delivering the knockout punch, the Lakers shot 16 jump shots in a row, and failed to grab 9 of the next 10 rebounds.

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Unusual Game 3 Elminates Utah Flash from D-League Playoffs

In the NBA D-League playoffs, the higher seeds get to choose their opponents from the lower seeds. For the 2011 …

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NBA D-League Shows its Sleazy Side Prior to Playoffs

[Note: I have recently learned that the d-league has approved Greene’s return to the Flash and he is flying to …

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The RGB of the Read and React Offense (part 1 of 5)

Just as everything we see on a computer screen is a blend of RGB, red, green and blue, likewise, everything that happens in half court offense is a matter of how a team uses spacing, player movement and ball movement.

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Jerry Sloan was right to resign

With Jerry Sloan retired and Phil Jackson retiring, they leave a generation who never figured out the difference between old school, and timeless.

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Random thoughts about the Vipers victory over the Utah Flash

Here are some random thoughts about the loss to the Vipers: The most important thing I learned in this game …

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On coaching youth basketball

When coaching youth, it is important to remember that the meat and potatoes of youth basketball are the kids — building their skills, knowledge, confidence, and love of the game — and winning is gravy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love gravy, but gravy on its own without meat and potatoes is actually pretty gross.

And not very filling.

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Read and react passing before dribbling

A day ago I took the trouble to type out my unconventional approach to implementing read and react… but I …

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Brett Pollakoff vs. the NBA (and common sense)

Fanhouse blogger, Brett Pollakoff, recently posted this whiny, poorly thought out article about NBA officiating. Rather than think the matter …

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