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They did it to themselves

Everyone is saying the Lakers’ offense is fine and it is their defense that is broken, but that’s not quite true.

15% of the Jazz offense was 3-pointers, 41% of the Lakers offense was 3-pointers… so it is NO WONDER the Jazz were able to outscore the Lakers 19 to 4 on fast breaks points.

The Lakers offense is actually hurting their defense.

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RRO Zone Play: Screen Away Pick and Roll

After numerous requests over a long period of time for more animated illustrations, I finally got around to doing one. This animated play illustrates a very effective way to attack a zone.

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The importance of creating shots off of cuts

A closer look at the game between USA and Lithuania in the 2012 London Olympics reveals helpful data for coaches looking to improve their half court offense against a zone defense.

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The Elements of Offense: How to actualize a good half court offense

What do good offenses such as the Princeton Offense and the Read and Read Offense have in common? And what does a half court offense do — and not do — for your team?

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Your shot chart is lying to you (and what to do about it)

Observing shot creation and location can transform your understanding and analysis of any basketball game, making you a more effective coach, more valuable player, and a more informed fan of the game.

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The greed of the NBA lockout is still evident in USA Basketball controversy

Being on the Olympic team, like being on the NBA All-star team, gives a player fantastic clout in fans’ eyes, resulting in increased ticket sales, TV viewership, advertising revenue, endorsements, sneakers sales, jerseys, etc.

In other words, NBA players ARE being paid for being on the national team!

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The Biggest Choke in Lakers Playoff History?

The Lakers wasted 46 minutes of impressive, gut-busting work by quitting 2 minutes before the game ended, thus letting the down-and-out but still hungry Oklahoma City Thunder off the ropes and into playoff lore.

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How the Lakers can beat the Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder seem to have complete control of the Lakers, but there is a way for the Lakers to beat the Thunder, a way they used to beat the Thunder just 3 weeks ago.

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How to Fail in Basketball and in Life (part 1 of 3)

Part 1 of 3: Those who understand failure’s relationship to success see failure as feedback and adjust their efforts accordingly. Those that don’t, fear failure and avoid it altogether — thus deceiving themselves into inadvertently becoming their own biggest obstacle to success.

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The Journey of Jeremy Lin Linfographic

This impressive infographic comes to you courtesy of Aldo Baker and It provides a cool pictorial context for what New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin is accomplishing.

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