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Are the Lakers Abusing Kobe’s Competitive Drive?

Greed.  It is why there is a real estate crash.  It is why there is a banking crisis.  It is …

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My Wish List for the NBA (version 1.0)

I’ve been rewatching Olympic Men’s Basketball, wishing the NBA preseason were already here. To keep from going crazy, I’ve decided …

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USA vs. Germany: Different Formula, Same Result

Perhaps the two most notable things about this game against Germany are: 1. How sharp USA played in a “meaningless …

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USA vs. Spain: You don’t need to know the language to send a message

If you are a fan of USA basketball, this was a great game, but two numbers indicate Team USA wasn’t …

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Face Guarding in Basketball: What Every Sportscaster, Player, Blogger and Fan Should Know

In sports forums all over the Internet, there is debate about the legality of face guarding in basketball. The debate …

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How the NCAA Hurts TeamUSA

Recently I was reading an old article by Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, entitled “More on USA …

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