Smush Parker drafted at #14… in the NBA D-league

Today the Rio Grande Vipers drafted Smush Paker. There are 16 teams in the d-league, and Parker went at #14.

That boggles the mind.

Thirteen teams would rather take a chance on an unknown talent, then acquire a very known quanity in Smush Parker.

Once the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, sharing the back court with the venerable Kobe Bryant, Smush Parker averaged 11.1 points per game, 2.8 assists, and 2.5 rebounds… while matching up against the likes of 2-time NBA MVP Steve Nash.

But Parker’s attitude put him on the bench watching rookie Jordan Farmar take his starting spot and minutes. Unrepentant, Parker lost his job with the Lakers altogether.Smush was picked up by the Miami Heat, and lasted a whole 9 games with them, then 19 games with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Smush Parker is a case study in the importance of having a good attitude.

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