Can you believe Garnett may be out the rest of the 2009 playoffs?

By now you have probably read articles that Kevin Garnett may not be back to the Celtics on time for the playoffs.

So, if you are a Celtics fan, the bad news is Garnett may be out… but the good news is last year Paul Pierce made quite the miraculous recovery, didn’t he?

Pardon my skepticism, and this is in no way shape or form to be construed as an anti-Celtics post…

But given the recent history with this team (see clip below), I’m going to wait and see before I believe Garnett is that done for this year’s playoffs, and I recommend everyone else do the same.

Don’t misunderstand, I agree things look awfully bleak for Boston’s favorite warrior, and don’t be pulled off message by the anti-Celtic tone of the embedded YouTube clip.

I am not saying Garnett or the Celtics organization is faking.

I’m simply saying:

(1) The Celtics severely stretched the boundaries of credibility last season, and

(2) If Garnett was more severely injured in February than the Celtics were letting on, then the Celtics just strained credibility with us again.

(3) It’s awfully weird for Garnett to come back and play 4 games in the regular season, when he apparently isn’t even ready to ride a stationary bike much less play games in the post season. What organization is that unaware of their superstars’ health, or decides to bring them back so prematurely as to risk reinjury in mere regular season games? It’s all just too weird.

So I’m gonna ignore the cries of the sky falling until I actually get hit by a piece of it.

Meanwhile, get well soon, Kevin. Celtics fans and opponents alike want to see Boston at full strength in this year’s playoff run.

  1. you got your picture taken again at the flash game…

  2. Tom7Tom704-25-2009

    Wow, I had no idea. Again?

  3. Heat ShirtsHeat Shirts07-12-2010

    mccoywajmu no shooters? really Wade has really improved Chalmers Mike Miller and lebron c’mon

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