Utah Flash and Colorado 14ers Replay 25.2 Seconds of Previous Game

On December 26, 2008 a scorekeeper in Colorado incorrectly disqualified a Utah Flash player claiming he had 6 fouls when he only had 5. At the time, the score was tied at 102 with 25.2 seconds left to play.

Ten days earlier, an Atlanta Hawks scorekeeper did the same thing to Shaquille O’Neal with 51.9 seconds left and the score at 111-112.

The NBA and NBA Development League front offices ordered the endings of both games to be replayed.

This amateur video, taken with a little digital camera, is the final 25.2 seconds of the d-league game.

After watching the video, you should really check out what Utah Flash owner, Brant Anderson, wrote about the drama behind the scenes. It is astonishing and should really be reported to the D-League head office.

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