Jazz guards let Utah down

Carlos Boozer had a tough game 4 against the Lakers for sure, but the Jazz SHOULD have been beaten inside. Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum have a significant edge on Boozer, Paul Milsap and Kyrylo Fesenko.

How do Derron Williams, Wesley Matthews and Kyle Kover justify losing outside game to the likes of Shannon Brown, Jordan Farmar and Derek Fisher?

Just look at the shot chart for that disastrous 2nd quarter: the Jazz missed EVERY shot that wasn’t in the paint!

No outside shooting, plus 6 turnovers (4 by Jazz guards) in Q2 put the Jazz in a hole they couldn’t dig out of.

Take that quarter out of the books and the Lakers would only lead by 3 points, something the Jazz could have overcome at home.

Nobody’s talking about it, but the Jazz guards were MIA on defense this entire series.

It was SHANNON BROWN who stepped up in response to the Jazz run with two huge 3 pointers and a dunk.

And in game 3 it was Fisher, Brown and Farmar that torched the Jazz, not Bynum and Odom.

The Lakers guards had a much easier time against the Jazz than they did the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kobe included.

Against the Thunder, Kobe averaged 23.5 points on 40.8% shooting. Against the Jazz, Bryant averaged 32.0 points on 52.3% shooting, and averaged nearly 6 assists per game as well.

Boozer did well enough against bigger and better players.

What is Williams’ excuse?

I’m sorry, but Utah’s guards let them down more than anyone, and trading Boozer won’t improve their defense or outside shooting.

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