LeBron, Leaving, Loyalty and Treachery

Loyalty is an interesting topic.

David Robinson assured the San Antonio Spurs that he’d be a Spur for life, and gave them the financial head room to keep Tim Duncan.

And this year Manu Ginobli didn’t even test his worth in the free agent market, he just re-signed, and remains one of the NBA’s best bargains.

Likewise Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant re-signed this year, and Derek Fisher signed for less than he was offered by the Heat.

Now that doesn’t mean Lebron James should be a Cavalier for loyalty.

But just think about what’s really happened here.

Pat Riley was obviously told that the Miami Heat could likely have Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, because the Heat cleared salary space, AND dumped the players who play those positions, AND the drafted accordingly…

All BEFORE the “decision.”

Seriously, think about that!

While it MAY not have been a done deal, the point is that the Heat were privy to inside information from somewhere, but Lebron never gave Cleveland a chance to clear the decks to bring in Bosh and Wade.

THAT is where I question Lebron’s loyalty.

Lebron didn’t just leave Cleveland, he screwed them over.

I can see why James didn’t choose to go to the Chicago Bulls: he was probably too intimidated by Michael Jordan’s shadow. Of course Kobe Bryant was never intimidated by Magic Johnson‘s legacy, but LeBron is no Kobe.

And the New York Knicks and the New Jersey / Brooklyn Nets just had too little to offer James in terms of championship assurance.

And it would be understandable if LeBron wanted to go to Miami, had he been honest about it. But doing it this way is unconscionable.

I used to like Lebron, but now I just see Lebron James as a dishonest, narcissistic sleaseball.

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