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Rick TorbettIn a few weeks I will be interviewing Rick Torbett, and I would like to know  what you would like me to ask him.

Mr. Torbett, as you know, is the CEO of Better Basketball, Inc. in Acworth, Georgia, USA. Rick might be best known as the creator of the Read and React Offense, but Better Basketball has a good number of player development instructional videos (DVDs) as well.

Rick Torbett has just released Dynamic Defense, a DVD set containing 5.2 hours of extremely well-thought out basketball defense training that looks to do for the defensive end of the court what Rick’s Read and React Offense did for the offensive end. (My review on the Dynamic Defense DVD set is being written up so watch for it).

The plan is to interview Rick via Skype or Facetime (video over the Internet), then break the interview into parts and post each part as a separate article here on in sections based on topic. For example, one post may focus on the Read and React Offense, another article might focus on Dynamic Defense, another on Player Development, and perhaps we’ll do a post on something aimed more at being fun like asking Rick to share some of his more memorable war stories of teaching basketball in the trenches.

I would like the interview to be very relevant to you, so please help me make it so.

There are 2 ways you can contact me.

First, you can use the comments area following this article.

Second, you can use the Contact Us form on this site if you want the conversation to be just between you and me.

As you give suggestions, please leave me your name and where you are from, so I can attribute the question to you. Example:

Serge Ibaka of Oklahoma City asks: Rick, I am the 3rd youngest child of 18 siblings in my family, so I learned to box out at an early age. What other specific advise do you have for young players wanting to be dominate rebounders?”

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and making this interview with Rick really first rate.

  1. JeraldJerald06-29-2012

    Hey Coach, I coach middle school boys and girls basketball. Last year I implemented the Read and React
    Offense. We use 7 layers. Our boys won the most games in season in their history and we won our District
    Championship for the 1st time in 10 yrs. Lead our District in scoring with 49.8 points a game. But my question
    is, the 1 defense that gave us trouble was a sagging man to man with on the ball pressure. Can you give me any tips to help against that type defense? Thank you….OBTW, the kids absolutely love the offense.

  2. Coach RobCoach Rob07-04-2012

    For Rick: With the Layer approach in R&R and the Level approach in DD, it seems pretty obvious to me that a fusion of both R&R and DD into a single development framework using a single Rank/Layer/Level approach must be in the works. Is there one? How soon could we expect it? If there isnt one in the works, how or what do you see been the best approach at doing a duel implementation?

  3. hi coach rick torbett! i am nick alexnader araula, one of the many basketball coaches here in the philippines. please sell your read and react basketball offense to the different cities herein the philippines.

    this is also to understand your ideas about this offense as coaches and to teach players the proper way.

    best regards!

  4. Brian ReynoldsBrian Reynolds07-12-2012

    Hi Coach, great site, I’m really enjoying it. I’m new to R&R, my copy of the dvd set is in the mail, but I’ve been devouring as much as I can over the internet until it arrives. I’m looking for suggestions on how to deal with super small programs. Our practices are usually 5-7 players and 1-2 coaches. What can we do to streamline the learning process of all the layers when there’s going to be little to no defense available?

  5. Cody JordanCody Jordan08-21-2012

    Why have different spots when 4 out versus 3 and 5 out? I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out the benefit; is it to mirror the dribble drive, increase the likelihood of a shooter rotating to the corner or allow better passing angles into the post?

  6. JoeJoe08-29-2012

    hi – is there a reply of the Rick Torbett interview?



  7. Tom7Tom708-29-2012

    Sorry Jason, but not yet.

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