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About Basketballogy.com
Coach Tom PittmanBasketballogy.com is owned and operated by life-long Alaskan, Tom Pittman (the 7th).

Tom figured if he was going to spend all that time being an avid fan, player, coach and referee of the game of basketball, he may as well become a student of the game as well.

Unfortunately, as he searched the world wide web for places where he could both learn and share, it became obvious that too many basketball sites were hostile learning environments.

So Tom built Basketballogy.com as a place where people could have intelligent conversations about basketball without being overrun by dismissive, belittling, and often juvenile fanboys who attack you just because you lack the “intelligence” to worship the same players and teams they do, or because you see things differently and can articulate it above a 5th grade reading level.

The articles, graphics, videos and animated illustrations shared on basketballogy.com are all intended to help us analyze, understand and enjoy the game of basketball.

Please feel free to share your insights, opinions, comments and questions — either in comments area which follows each article, or send them directly to us using the contact form.