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FIBA Goal tending rules hit the D-League

The NBA is piloting FIBA’s goal tending rules in the D-league. Could David Stern and Stew Jackson be more out of touch with NBA fans?

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Lebron chooses the Rosie Ruiz shortcut to glory

LeBron will certainly get his championships, but he won’t really EARN them.

Not like Michael Jordan earned his.

Or not like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird earned theirs, facing worthy nemesises in a battle that wrenched from both sides every bit of possible effort, heart, blood, sweat and tears to earn an NBA championship.

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Smart Team Defense: The Bird’s Eye View

True or false: Carlos Boozer doesn’t play defense. Read on for the RIGHT answer. And don’t cheat. If you skip …

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As Goes Lamar Odom…

On June 16, 2009, in a blog entitled “Dynasty for Sale or Rent,” I wrote, “Maybe beating Orlando was the …

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A 2009 Playoff Reality Check for Lakers Fans

Let me start by first disclosing that I would consider myself a Lakers fan. Definitely. Today is Friday, April 10, …

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