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FIBA Goal tending rules hit the D-League

The NBA is piloting FIBA’s goal tending rules in the D-league. Could David Stern and Stew Jackson be more out of touch with NBA fans?

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An open letter to disappointed Celtics fans

The Internet has been inundated by bitter Celtics fans declaring an NBA conspiracy handed the Finals to the Lakers. One fan wrote that he is not going to ever spend his hard earned money on the NBA again.


I’m going to guess his “hard earned money” isn’t earned by analyzing basketball.

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Understanding Game 7 (of the 2010 NBA Finals)

Question: which team lead all teams in the 2010 NBA playoffs in free throw attempts? Answer: the Boston Celtics. In …

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Predicting Game 7

Never underestimate the heart of a champion, nor their legs apparently. This was supposed to be the year LeBron James …

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Celtics win 2010 NBA Finals Crybaby Crown

A study reported in the Wall Street Journal (of all places) found that the Boston Celtics whine about 48% of …

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Champions Rebound

In the past decade of NBA Finals match ups, the team with the most rebounds has always become the NBA’s champions.

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Girly Zone? Or Girly Lakers?

After game 1 of the 2010 Western Conference Finals, Amare Stoudemire famously said Lamar Odom had a lucky game. They’ve …

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Smart Team Defense: The Bird’s Eye View

True or false: Carlos Boozer doesn’t play defense. Read on for the RIGHT answer. And don’t cheat. If you skip …

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China Fires One Over the Stern

The communist-run Chinese media is right about Yao. The NBA treats its players like tires on a sports car: it rides them hard and fast, then tosses them aside.

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Artest for Ariza?! What were the Lakers thinking?!!!

During the 2009 NBA Playoffs: Trevor Ariza shot 50% from the floor. Ron Artest shot 39%. Trevor Ariza shot 48% from the arc. Ron Artest shot 28%. Trevor Ariza made clutch defensive stops again and again for the Lakers. Ron Artest, a supposed lock down defender, made boneheaded decisions that resulted in technical fouls and ejections. Trevor Ariza knows the intricacies of the triangle offense and is productive in it. Ron Artest doesn’t, and frankly doesn’t have a reputation for being the brightest bulb in the ceiling. Trevor Ariza is young and getting better. Ron Artest is declining. Ron Artest is a stronger BRAND name than Trevor Ariza, but Trevor is the better player — especially for the Lakers.

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